We installed electric car chargers to keep up with the times and technology

We installed electric car chargers to keep up with the times and technology

A growing number of companies consider it important to create electric car charging options for their employees and customers as a chance to support people's choices in being more environmentally friendly.

More than 80 percent of all electric car charging takes place at home or at work where cars are parked for longer. While it is easy to create a personal home charging option in a private or terraced house, solutions for apartment buildings are still being developed. Although there are more public chargers than ever before, employers can give people an extra boost to consider buying an electric car.

At least the charging time would be kept to a minimum for the user, because, as the classics say, it takes 20 seconds to charge an electric car: 10 to connect the cable and start charging, and 10 to end charging and disconnect the cable. The battery is effortlessly charged while you are working.

Filter AS wishes to bring the principles of sustainability into its people’s daily lives

One of the companies that has installed Enefit Volt electric car chargers for its employees is Filter that provides complete solutions and products in the field of energy production and water treatment. The company operating in the Baltics, Bulgaria, Poland, Belarus and Russia installed its first chargers at its office building in Peetri.

The chargers were installed by Filter mainly because they desire modern green solutions. One of the company's goals is to offer its employees the opportunity to charge electric cars and to support the movement in this direction.

Filter is also planning a construction project for a new production building where electric car chargers have been included. As the company's principle is sustainable operation, the efficient use of resources, environmental sustainability and safety in the development of solutions, project implementation and maintenance activities are considered important. Encouraging the use of electric cars will enable people to pass on these principles in their daily lives.

Filter decided in favour of Enefit Volt due to its complete solutions and reliability. In addition, it was important to be able to use the same card in the company's chargers as in the national public network. A common card means ease of use. Thanks to a well-thought-out system, it is very easy for the company to have an overview of the use of its electric car chargers.

Tank wishes to offer solutions that look more ahead

When Filter decided to buy the chargers, then Tank Creative Agency chose the Elinta Citycharge rental solution enabling to charge two cars at its office in the heart of Tallinn. By the way, it was by the creative minds of Tank that Enefit Volt's visual identity was born in 2019, i.e. what Volt looks like.

According to Marge Kari, CEO of Tank, it was decided to install an electric car charger in front of Tank's new office in order to keep up with the times and technology and provide solutions that look more ahead.

“Some of our customers and employees have electric cars. We wanted them to be able to conveniently charge their vehicles if necessary and not worry about whether they make it to the next meeting or home,” Kari said. “The rental service package is a convenient solution for us, because the contract ensures flexible use of the service and Enefit Volt takes care of the chargers.”

Tank moved to a representative office building in Tõnismäe in March 2021, and the charger was installed in August when it appeared that some employees were already using an electric car and many were considering replacing their old ones with electric vehicles. Guests using an electric car have also been pleasantly surprised.

According to Kert Pääbo, Business Development Manager at Enefit Volt, employers have powerful levers in influencing people's use of cars by providing the possibility to charge electric cars.

“Dozens of Eesti Energia employees have gained their first electric car experience with commonly used vehicles, and many of them have made the choice in favour of electric ones,” Pääbo said. “It doesn’t matter whether the company wants to buy a charger to charge a few employee or guest cars or manages a large fleet, Enefit Volt can offer a unique complete solution from planning and design to daily maintenance and consultations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.”

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