Enefit Volt – charge your electric car easily and conveniently anywhere

Smart electric transport leads to a cleaner living environment. This means a natural and convenient way for all of us to move towards a cleaner environment.

Public charging

Public chargers all over Estonia for all types of electric cars

Private home charging

Complete solution - from selecting a charger to installation and maintenance

Charging for businesses

Solutions for your car fleet, business and apartment association

Charging for partners

Charging options in cooperation with developers, municipalities and other partners

Let's make transport cleaner

The goal of Enefit Volt with its simple, convenient and smart charging solutions is to make the electric car a natural transport preference.

Choosing an electric car is better for the environment and your wallet. Electric vehicles and smart storage technologies are completely changing our understanding of the energy and transport sectors.

In the coming decades, everyday means of transport will become an integral part of the power network and a potential source of income for many.

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