Enefit VOLT is the largest electric car charging network in Estonia

Nearly 180 charging stations all over Estonia.

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Chargers all over Estonia

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Enefit VOLT has a total of nearly 180 charging stations. Our charging network covering the whole of Estonia is constantly evolving, offering ultra-fast and fast charging for electric cars from Europe (CCS), Japan (CHAdeMO) and with universal Type2 charging standard.

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How to use the service?

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When you arrive, connect the cable to your car and start charging via the application

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The money is automatically debited at the beginning of the month from your payment card

How much does it cost?

The Enefit VOLT network has chargers with three different speeds. You pay according to charger capacity and charging speed.

up to

Semi-fast charger

0,22 €/kWh

after 180 min 0.05 €/min
time tariff is added

20 kWh of charging:
Duration: 55 min
Amount: 4,4 €

up to

Fast charger

0,24 €/kWh

after 60 min 0.1 €/min
time tariff is added

20 kWh of charging:
Duration: 25 min
Amount: 4,8 €

up to

Superfast charger

0,35 €/kWh

after 60 min 0.2 €/min
time tariff is added

20 kWh of charging:
Duration: 7,5 min
Amount: 7,0 €

With 20 kilowatt-hours, you can drive an average electric car (such as a Nissan Leaf) for up to 100 km in normal conditions. The sample time and amount are calculated based on the maximum charging capacity of the charger. We apply a so-called time tariff so that one car charger will not be occupied for too long and others will also get a chance. When charging an electric car, also take into account the general conditions and the price list for parking. Prices includes VAT.

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