Choose Enefit VOLT as a charging partner for your business

Electric car charging next to your business is not a luxury for the chosen ones, but will soon be as basic as greeting a guest with a warm smile.

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Charging at work

Offer your employees a convenient option to charge directly at the workplace or home office

Charging customers’ and guests’ cars

A stylish and easy-to-use charging station is the business card of your company

Charging your company's car fleet

Charging several cars at the same time without additional expenses to increase your power network connection

Partner for developers and local governments

A comprehensive and future-proof electric car charging solution increases the value of every property and region

Charging for an apartment association

Even if you only have a few electric car owners, they can start charging with the solution created in the parking lot of the apartment building. It can be extended to dozens of cars later. Flexible terms for apartment associations and end users.

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Charging for partners

As an Enefit VOLT Partner, you can offer charging at your business or local government through the Enefit VOLT public charging network. Read more here »

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Enefit VOLT business customer chargers are designed for the future

The future-proof charging station Elinta Citycharge ensures smooth charging of electric cars in your company.

The Red Dot Design Award-winning Elinta Citycharge charging station can charge up to 2 cars at a time. There are wall-mounted and stationery charging stations. The Type 2 charging nozzle can be used to charge all electric cars, the maximum capacity of the charger is 2 x 22 kW.

Starting and stopping charging with an RFID user card ensures that only users you specify can charge. With each charger, we provide and configure the desired amount of RFID cards.

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Now you can also order an electric car charging solution for your company as a rental service

The full charger rental service is suitable for you if you prefer:

  • worry-free use with a permanent warranty
  • a professional and convenient turnkey solution
  • flexible terms
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Smart solutions

If you want to install several chargers in your company, you do not have to incur additional costs in connection with expanding the main fuse.

The load between chargers is controlled in real time based on the number of cars loading and the current consumption of the building. This ensures the maximum possible charging speed at all times, using all available power without the risk of overload.

Enefit Volt - your company's charging partner

Our highly qualified specialists will help you find the best charging solution. The full installation solution includes:

  • Pre-consultation and advice;
  • Site visit by a charging engineer;
  • Preparation of a detailed project and price offer;
  • Professional installation by a certified electrician;
  • Ongoing customer support and maintenance

Four steps to your business charging solution

Find your charger

Check out the available charging solutions and send us an inquiry

Price quote

We will contact you within three working days, visit the object if necessary, and prepare a detailed price quote for the most suitable solution for you


You can buy the charger outright, it is possible to pay in installments or order the charger as a full-service rental


Our highly qualified specialists will install the charger at a suitable time for you

Provide us with your contact details so that we can offer the best solution for you!

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