What to do if a public charging point is being used longer than intended?

What to do if a public charging point is being used longer than intended?

From time to time, electric car owners come across a situation where all available charging points are occupied. What to do if someone is using a charger longer than intended or has finished charging but left the car parked there? Here’s our advice.

It is an unpleasant situation for any driver. A vehicle unnecessarily blocking a charging point creates queues, prevents others from charging their vehicles and takes up space. In order to be more attentive and to avoid similar situations, here’s what to keep in mind.

Check the rules of the charging station

Charging stations have different prices and parking conditions, including time limits. Enefit VOLT’s chargers can be used in public spaces for a specified time, after which a corresponding time tariff applies. For example, semi-fast chargers (up to 22 kW) can be used for up to 180 minutes, and you have to pay 5 cents for each exceeding minute.

We have implemented a time tariff so that one car does not occupy the charger for too long and others have access too. When entering the parking area, take a look at the Enefit VOLT website or app to see the relevant conditions for each charger.

Pay attention to the general terms of use and the price list of the parking lot as well.

Contact the charging station operator

Public charging points are generally managed by a specific company or organization. If the owner of the electric car is currently away from the vehicle and it is not possible to communicate with them directly, you should contact the operator of the charging station: Enefit in the case of VOLT chargers.

Based on the location of the charging point, our customer service can identify the owner of the car, contact them and ask them to remove their vehicle.

Our customer service for the public charging network is open 24/7. Let us know your concerns by calling 777 3030 or e-mailing info@enefitvolt.com.

... or with the parking lot manager

If the charging point is located in a public paid parking area, you can also contact the company that manages the parking lot. The company's contact information can be found on the information board installed in the parking area, as well as the rules regarding parking.

If there is a violation of parking conditions, the parking lot manager has the right to send an inspector to the site to assess the situation. If a violation is detected, the inspector has the right to issue a corresponding warning or fine to the driver.

Notify local law enforcement

The third option is to inform the local law enforcement, such as the police or municipal police. They can identify the driver using their database and the car registration number, as well as help to contact the driver.

We do our best to ensure that Enefit VOLT’s charging points are available to everyone on a daily basis and that there is minimal blocking. We support our customers with questions about electric cars and charging.

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