Home EV Charging Solution for Your Electric Vehicle

Let’s explore the benefits of having an EV charging solution at home and delve into the world of EV charging and why a quality solution is more than just a charger.

Benefits of Having an EV Charging Solution at Home

Having your very own EV charging station at home offers numerous advantages. The convenience it offers is unparalleled. Say goodbye to relying on public charging stations and bid farewell to range anxiety, as you kickstart your day with a fully charged battery. With a home EV charger, all you need to do is plug in your vehicle overnight and wake up to a car that's raring to hit the road.

Furthermore, having a private EV charger saves both time and money. No more detours to charging stations in the midst of busy days or spending on ultra-fast public charging. You can revel in the convenience of charging your EV at home while enjoying long-term savings on fuel costs as home EV charging solutions enable you to take advantage of lower electricity rates during off-peak hours, helping you to really push down your driving expenses

3 Areas to Research Before Getting an EV Charger for Your Home

Available Power

Before diving into the world of EV charging, there are a few essential factors to consider. Firstly, you need to ensure that your home's electrical system can handle the additional load. If you are not aware of the electrical capacity, please find it out through Elektrilevi (Avaleht – Elektrilevi) or consult a licensed electrician to assess your electrical capacity.

The 22kW AC charger needs 32A of power to charge at the full speed, while the 11kW alternative needs 16A of power.

Dynamic Load Management

All charging solutions Enefit Volt provides also come with the possibility of installing a Dynamic Load Management (DLM) device that helps to reduce the need for investment into your home’s electrical system.

This nifty device adjusts your electric car's charging power based on real-time energy consumption in your home. When the consumption is low, your charger pumps up the power, giving your car a turbo boost. And when the evening peak hits, you can still keep that charger plugged in without fearing power shortages or blackouts. It's like having your own personal pit crew, optimizing your charging experience and keeping you on the road, no matter the energy demands of your home.

For apartment buildings, the same logic applies regarding a DLM device and it’s even more important that all cars are connected to the same charging platform and their power is automatically adjusted. At Enefit Volt, we call this charging readiness and it’s really the place to start, when considering a charging solution near your apartment. Find more information and ask for consultation here: Charging readiness - Enefit VOLT

Charging Capability for Your Car

Additionally, it's important to understand the charging speed and compatibility of your EV with various charging options. Different EVs have different charging capabilities and understanding your vehicle's charging requirements will help you choose the right home EV charger for optimal performance.

You've got the sleek Mercedes-Benz EQT 200, the powerful Polestar 4 Long Range, or the eco-friendly Renault Zoe parked in your driveway. These impressive machines can handle a whopping 22kW AC charge power. And here's the beauty of it: for an average electric car consuming 20kWh per 100km, you can add a cool 100 km of driving range in just one hour of charging with a 22kW AC charger like the Autel AC MaxiCharger 22kW. It's like having a supercharger at your disposal, ready to fuel your adventures.

With a fast 22kW charger, you have the power to charge your car during the cheapest hours of the day. That means finding that sweet spot, that one or two hours when electricity rates hit rock bottom. It really is a game-changer. You get to enjoy the convenience of charging at home while saving a significant amount on charging. Who said owning an EV couldn't be cost-effective?

There’s more car models at the moment that take less than 22kW AC charge power, but please keep in mind that you are most likely buying a charger for at least 10 years - a time that you’d likely switch up your electric car at one point.

There’s a good comparison table for AC charge power at this LINK. However, we do recommend you do your own fact-checking for your own car details.

Choosing a Home EV Charger Solution

When selecting a home EV charger, several factors come into play. It’s not just about picking the right charger and there’s more to consider, when you want the perfect home charging station for your needs.

Charging Readiness

As discussed earlier in this post, look into the available power for your household or make an inquiry for charging readiness for your apartment building. Find out how many amperes you have available for charging and what’s the investment needed to increase the power capacity or to create charging readiness.

In case you already have charger readiness built, please note that you can only order a charging solution that is compatible with the system. If the chargers are not connected to the same platform, the system would not work.

Dynamic Load Management (DLM)

Is there a chance that the charger would require more power than available? Think peak consumption in the evening hours. If yes, then you have the option to limit the available power the charger can receive for your charger settings - that also means you're slowing down your charging speeds.

A smarter move would be to pair your charger with a DLM device that handles the power management for you. For this you need a charger that is compatible with a DLM and get an experienced professional to carry out the installation.

Charging Speed

Consider your charging needs based on your daily driving and your car’s energy consumption. Very simply, the more you drive, the more you need to charge, and the more there is to optimise. However, that’s a good thing when looking into a charging solution. Through our surveys we have found that EV drivers that drive the most are the happiest about owning an electric vehicle.

So when you charge a lot, look for a charger that can give you the maximum AC charging speed for your vehicle. On the one hand, it’s a matter of convenience - you can be sure that you are starting your day with a full battery. On the other hand, you can be sure to optimise your charging for the best electricity rates and really take advantage of smart charging.

Smart Charging Application

In simple terms, smart charging is timing your charge for the very best hours. It is possible to do this automatically with an app like the Enefit Volt Home application (App Store / Play Store) and seamlessly find the best hours to charge. All you have to configure is a) what time do you need the car and b) how much do you wish to charge.

For example, you can connect your charger, set that you need the car by 8 AM and by that time you wish to have 90% battery. The Enefit Volt Home application will measure how much you need to charge, what your charging speed and pick the best hours to charge based on the Nordpool power exchange.

Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania are part of the Nordpool power exchange market with multiple other European countries. The new market prices are announced everyday and the Enefit Volt app automatically syncs and updates the smart charging algorithm with the new prices.

Internet Connectivity

You need the charger to have an internet connection to have the possibility for smart charging. What’s more, it allows for external charger monitoring and fixing potential issues remotely.

Chargers with connectivity issues can break up the smart charging schedule and in the very worst situations, you can have a difficult surprise in the morning, when your battery is not where you need it to be.

At Enefit Volt, we have found that chargers with 4G internet connection have the least connection issues and have removed WiFi chargers from our standard offers. For indoor parking lots, we normally install LAN connection to offer the best quality. Either way, data connection is something we provide complimentary with our charging solutions.

Safe Installation

It’s important that the charger is installed by an experienced electrician in the EV field, who understands the ins and outs of EV charging.

When installing the Enefit Volt home charger, we also add the MCB and RCCB electricity breakers to guarantee the safety of the system and configure the charger to our platform to immediately see if it needs any troubleshooting or if it’s going to work as expected.

It's important to address questions like

  • where you’d like the charger to be installed,
  • it’s distance from the electrical cabinet,
  • the room in your electrical cabinet to ensure a smooth installation experience.

At Enefit Volt, our charging consultants can lead you through all the main questions to avoid any surprises with the installation.


Chargers have to handle frequent and heavy use for long periods of time, so it’s vital that they are built to last. Our technology team did extensive research, when picking out our charger portfolio and durability was one of the key deciding factors.

As for Elinta chargers, they are equipped with high-quality industrial components and have robust constructions to ensure safety and performance of the chargers. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, giving you a peace of mind for years to come.

Monthly expense reporting

In case you need to report your driving expenses, it is very useful to have monthly charging reports so you can do this seamlessly. When this is important for you, look for solutions that have this included.

Access Control

Another aspect that’s very important for some EV drivers is the possibility to limit the access to the charger and the ability to easily share the access to friends or family. With Enefit Volt charging solutions you can do this easily through the mobile app or to order RFID charging cards for regular chargers.

Warranty & maintenance

Now if something does go wrong, it’s important that you have a place to turn to. In our experience, with Elinta and Autel AC chargers, this does not happen often. However, when it does, you need somewhere to turn to. Choose a reputable service provider, who will certainly be there for many years to come.

On your end, what you can do is to clean the charging cable and connectors regularly to prevent dust or debris build-up and keep the charging area clear of any obstructions or hazards.

Customer support

Another good reason why you need a trustworthy service provider for your charging solution is the ability to contact customer support, whenever you need. Questions or issues might come up and it’s good to have the opportunity to easily turn to someone to have them fixed. Complete Home Energy System

As an energy provider, what we are also working on is creating synergy between the electricity package, solar panels, battery storage, flexible energy markets and your EV charging (including V2G). What we are aiming to do is to simplify all the complexity and create seamless optimisation of your energy system - to automatically lower your costs and CO2 footprint.

As you are installing a charging solution normally for an extended period of time, if a complete system is in your interest, then look for a solution provider that can potentially create this synergy and innovation for you.

Choosing the Right Home EV Charging Solution: A Strategic Investment for a Sustainable Future

In conclusion, when it comes to charging your electric vehicle at home, it's crucial to adopt a forward-thinking approach. Investing in a future-proof charging solution not only ensures compatibility with your current EV but also sets you up for success as the technology evolves. By choosing a solution that integrates seamlessly with your home and vehicle, you can optimize your energy usage and reduce long-term expenses. Considering all the factors highlighted in this article will empower you to make an informed decision that aligns with your current needs and anticipates future developments in the world of electric mobility.

Ultimately, the right home EV charging solution goes beyond convenience—it's a strategic investment in your sustainable future. By prioritizing compatibility, long-term cost savings, and holistic integration, you can take full advantage of the benefits of electric vehicle ownership while contributing to a more efficient and eco-friendly energy landscape. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand and innovate, choosing the right charging solution today sets the stage for a seamless, cost-effective, and sustainable tomorrow.