Installation checklist

Please choose between the following options to determine your installation price


Include in monthly rent?

You can include standard installation as part of your monthly rent fee or choose to pay it upfront as a one-time-fee.


No (pay as one-time fee)


Do you need cabling?

The charger needs to be connected to the electrical cabinet through electric cable.


No (already done)


Do you have 32A of available power?

If no or if you’re not sure, to avoid power shortages and blackouts we can install a DLM device that automatically regulates the maximum EV charging speed.

Learn how DLM works »


No (I’d need a DLM)


Charger mounting

The standard solution is to install the charger on the house wall. Mounting a charger on a dedicated pole will be come as a personalised offer.

On the wall

Charging pole

Total monthly fee:


Offer details


By experienced specialists.

Price per month

  • Before concluding the contract, we will determine together whether the installation of the charger meets the conditions of our standard installation and whether additional electrical work is needed. In some cases, we may discover the need for additional work during the installation process.
  • All additional work is invoiced as a one-time payment separately from the monthly fee of the rental service.
  • The customer's electrical system (including the main switchboard and main circuit breaker) must meet modern requirements and be in a good condition that allows the addition of a circuit breaker. If the need for additional work becomes apparent here, it will be paid for separately.
  • Should Enefit discover upon returning the device or after its return that the device has become unusable due to reasons attributable to the customer or its value has significantly decreased, Eesti Energia has the right to demand the compensation of the device from the customer.

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