Chargers for electric cars

We are also preparing charging solutions for households and businesses. We hope to share the good news as early as summer 2020.

Charging at home

If you live in a private house or semi-detached house, you can have your own electric car charger installed. Charging an electric car from a cleverly installed home charger is a safer alternative than plugging in a regular household electrical outlet.

In general, home chargers can be divided into two: normal and smart chargers.

  • Normal chargers are faster than plug-in charging. Compared to charging from a standard plug, where the charging time can be from 12 to 14 hours, the home charger is able to charge the car 2-3 times faster.
  • However, the smart charger offers various additional features, such as remote start and stop, timer setting, charging history monitoring, and more.

Charging solutions for business

The most common types of semi-private chargers are located within the corporate territory and are generally available to employees, partners and customers.

The charger located next to the business can be either semi-fast or speed charger, offering dynamic load balancing and user-based pricing.

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