Full service rental for an electric car charger – all-in-one subscription

Unique all-in-one offer. Subscribe to a smart charger with installation and a load management device all within one affordable monthly payment.

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Everything you need for smart charging in one monthly payment

29.99 €per month

Enefit Volt solves all the issues related to electric car charging

A dependable partner

Enefit Volt is a dependable partner, both today and for years to come. We take care of the delivery, installation and configuration of the charger, ensure its reliability and, if necessary, perform any maintenance work.

24/7 customer support

Only one phone call away. Always.

Truly future-proof

New features for the charging solution will be added automatically. The charger can be exchanged in the future (for example, for a dual charger).

Charge smartly and earn back the monthly payment

The smart charging mobile app allows you to automatically schedule the charging of your car to the most affordable times and save up to 50% on charging costs.

The dynamic load management (DLM) device provides maximum charging speed without increasing the capacity of your home's network connection.

The device diverts only the building’s spare capacity for charging, ensuring the safety of the electrical system.

Enefit Volt's smart charging app helps you break even on your investment

Save up to 50% on charging costs

With the smart charging app, you can automatically schedule the charging to the hours when prices are lowest and save up to 50% on charging costs.

Compatible with all electricity packages

Enefit Volt’s app allows you to save on charging costs with both the exchange and fixed-price package.

Easy to use

The app saves the latest charging settings in the charger: for daily charging, you only need to connect the charging cable.

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We are here to contribute to the move towards greener transport by offering convenient charging anywhere – at home, at work and on the road.

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