A record milestone: Eesti Energia adds its hundredth electric car to its fleet

Enefit electric car

Eesti Energia has been working steadily to increase the share of electric cars in its fleet and has set a target to have 20% of its fleet electric by 2024.

"The use of electric cars is an important step in our green journey. With a fleet of 100 electric cars, we have one of the largest environmentally friendly fleets in Estonia. Through this we hope to be an inspiration for our customers and other companies. As an employer, we see that we also have a big role to play in encouraging our employees to think greener," said Mango Oras, Head of Transport Management at Enefit.

"In fact, many of our employees have had their first electric car experience using our general-purpose vehicles," noted Mango. "The biggest difference between an electric vehicle and a petrol or diesel vehicle is charging and driving range. Once the first experiences and drives are behind you, the choice in the future is usually for an environmentally friendly and quiet electric car," Mango explained.

In total, Eesti Energia's electric cars have already driven nearly 1 500 000 kilometres, saving a total of almost 250 tonnes of carbon emissions. "Employees use the cars on a daily basis for customer visits as well as for inspections of sites and electrical installations," Mango added.

Leonid in a new Enefit electric car

Leonid Ljutskevitš, Enefit's Project Manager, who visits customers on a weekly basis, shares his own experience with electric cars.

"Our clients are private customers as well as housing associations and various businesses. Over the past year, I have visited clients almost always by electric car. Every meeting with a client is an opportunity for me to drive a good car and enjoy the journey. The hands-free system allows me to make important calls in between, but above all use the time to rest my brain and clear my head. If you give yourself enough time to think, good ideas how to make customers' journey and experience with us even better will come," explains Leonid.

"When driving an electric car, I always have a great opportunity to interact with our customers as I meet them at Volt chargers. When I go to a public charging station with an Enefit car and a green Enefit jacket, someone always comes to talk to me. At the end of the conversation, we usually shake hands with a smile and move on in an even better mood. These meetings take place not only in Tallinn, but also in Narva, Viljandi, Rakvere, Rapla - everywhere," Leonid says.

New design of Volt chargers

Recently we gave Enefit Volt chargers a new look. Enefit's public charging network of more than 200 chargers is already the largest in Estonia, accounting for a third of all public charging points in Estonia. This number will be further increased in the coming years as the company expands its public charging service in the Baltic States and Poland.

As our most visible grassroots milestone, Enefit Volt’s public charging network chargers have a new face in the home markets – they are now 'green charging posts'.