Users have spoken: An electric car provides freedom of movement and real savings on fuel costs

Users have spoken: An electric car provides freedom of movement and real savings on fuel costs

More than 2,000 customers of Enefit Volt are leading the breakthrough towards clean and emission-free transport. By asking them for feedback on using an electric car, we learned encouraging and useful things that we wish to share with everyone. However, the general conclusion is the same: the maintenance of an electric car is affordable, it is pleasant to drive, and every kilometre travelled contributes to creating a cleaner environment.

All sorts of comparisons about the use of electric cars vs internal combustion engine cars are published every now and then, comparing various indicators from comfort to detailed cost calculations. They often compare the so-called base models, which indeed gives a significant advantage to cars with petrol or diesel engines, as the accessories for electric cars are usually very representative in the standard package. According to calculations by Enefit Volt, an electric car is a more sensible choice in financial terms alone, if you compare the comparable and the state purchase support can also be used.

Maintenance, use, comfort, silence

In addition to what is felt in the wallet, emotion is extremely important when driving a car. The feeling of being behind the wheel or driving as a passenger - it is difficult to surpass an electric car when comfort and silence come under assessment. In order to understand how the driver of an electric vehicle feels, it is not necessary to tell stories, but to listen to the users' own words.

"I recommend electric cars because their maintenance and daily use is cheap. In addition, the driving of an electric car is comfortable and it’s quiet. And if you want cleaner air around your home, then an electric car is the right choice. There are charging stations everywhere, and the opinion that charging takes a long time is very wrong, because it is a time dedicated to youself!” Marco

"Very comfortable and affordable driving, car maintenance costs are non-existent." Kristo

"An electric car provides real savings on fuel costs and freedom of movement." Tiina

No problems in winter

Numerous myths and misconceptions are associated with the use of electric cars in unusual weather conditions, such as a hot summer day or a crisp winter. Yes, the range of an electric car is reduced, because the car has to work harder to heat and cool, but the same applies to internal combustion engine cars. The difference is in the price of fuel.

"An electric car is a much better 'winter car' than a car with an internal combustion engine. Batteries withstand winter better than summer. Yes, it takes twice as much energy, but the same is true with an internal combustion engine, while the energy used by an electric car is much cheaper.” Marek

When being stuck in a traffic jam on a daily basis, you may not notice when sitting in a car with an internal combustion engine that, despite the air filters, the air in the cabin can be significantly affected by exhaust fumes. When you start your car, they explode into the air, and even more so in cold weather. Among other things, traffic jams can be quite successfully avoided with an electric car.

“With an electric car, you can park for free in the centre of Tallinn and drive on the bus track. You will also start to notice a bad smell when driving behind an old car with an internal combustion engine.” Agnes

Driving range is not a problem even if you live in an apartment building

For years, one of the three barriers to buying an electric car has been the feeling that there are not enough public chargers. Some feelings are harder to lose than others, although the reality may have been different for some time. Just look at the map of Enefit Volt's public chargers. Another concern is driving range. Daily journeys within or near the city do not usually exceed 50 kilometres, but the range of electric cars is no less than 200 kilometres. Rather, you see numbers around 300 and 400.

"I believe that people are not really aware of how big electric car driving ranges have become and how affordable it actually is to drive an electric car." Eva

“I live in an apartment building in Mustamäe and do not have a personal parking space. However, there is the nearby Maurus parking garage with charging facilities, both CCS and Type2. Owning an electric car is also possible in an apartment building. You do not need to have YOUR OWN charger. You do NOT run the battery "dry" all the time and do not need to charge it daily. Plan your trips. Plan stops according to the availability of charging stations. The input price is expensive, but not EVERYONE has to drive a Taycan. There are cheaper options.” Marko

And finally, every electric car user is part of the breakthrough towards a cleaner future.

"I feel it is a matter of consistency. Every time my car switches to electricity and runs in complete silence, I feel like I'm part of the (r)evolution. Dealing with big things takes small steps, and I like to think that I am contributing to a cleaner world for the future. I like to be different from this 'gray-metallic-diesel' majority and to discuss why it makes sense to support the electric car industry. Yes, I agree that driving on electricity is sometimes cumbersome and time consuming, but it was also once inconvenient to have a mobile phone because the suitcase you had to carry was big and heavy. Not to mention what computers were like only 30 years ago. Electric cars are the future, and I like to be a part of the commune that believes in it.” Toomas

Find the most suitable electric car charging solution for your home or business on the Enefit Volt website, find the nearest public charger in our smart application or on the web.