Enefit Volt added fixed Type2 cables to ten chargers for more convenient use

Enefit Volt added fixed Type2 cables to ten chargers for more convenient use

Enefit Volt, Estonia's largest fast charging network for electric cars, added fixed Type2 cables to ten public chargers to make using electric cars easier and more convenient.

While for CCS and CHAdeMO standard fast chargers, the cable is always fixed to the charger, then for semi-fast charging from an AC plug, the charging cable of the car must usually be used. This is due to the fact that depending on the car model, you need the Type2 or Type1 (less common in Estonia) charging nozzle to charge.

Based on customer feedback, it was decided that a fixed Type2 cable be added to ten most frequently used chargers in order to improve the charging possibilities of electric cars with the CCS charging standard, especially in Tallinn, where the number of those is growing the fastest.

According to Kert Pääbo, Product Manager at Enefit Volt, the number of electric car users is growing every month not only by car owners but also by renters. As many of them have a brief experience with electric cars and often rental cars comply with the CCS standard, it was decided to implement the addition.

"Semi-fast charging is an ideal choice for those customers who know that they have more time to charge the car when they park. For example, they have a longer store visit or a business meeting ahead. Charging is slower, but the price is lower," Pääbo explained. “An important target group is also rental car users, where ELMO Rent has done a great job in attracting them to cleaner transport. It was in cooperation with them that the first ten places were selected.”

Enn Laansoo Jr., Partner at ELMO Rent, noted that as a growing company, whose car fleet is constantly being supplemented with various electric car models, they must offer worry-free and easy charging for their customers.

"The new charging nozzles help us significantly further in this and are a sign of how the Estonian charging infrastructure can be cleverly developed," Laansoo Jr. said.

Chargers with the fixed Type2 charging cable are available in Tallinn at Tähesaju, Ülemiste City, Tammsaare Business Centre, Haabersti Rimi, Viimsi Centre, Viru Centre, Science Park Tehnopol and Marienthal Centre. The first fixed Type2 cable charger in Tartu was placed to Eeden Centre, Annelinn.

Enefit Volt, the largest fast charging network for electric cars in Estonia, includes nearly 180 chargers, to which both new charging stations and chargers will be added during the year. The Enefit Volt network can charge both European (CCS) and Japanese (CHAdeMO) charging standard vehicles.

This year, the car fleet of ELMO Rent, one of the world's first electric car ride sharing companies, will grow to at least 100 environmentally friendly vehicles, almost 80% of which will be cars using the CCS charging infrastructure.