Enefit Volt and Circle K to double the number of joint charging stations

Enefit Volt and Circle K to double the number of joint charging stations

In addition to the current four joint charging stations, Circle K, Estonia’s most favoured retailer of motor fuel and Enefit Volt, Estonia’s largest provider of charging services for electric cars will add four more charging stations in Tallinn, Jüri and Lääne-Viru County.

“Circle K believes that electric transport will be the transport of the near future both in Estonia and Europe as a whole,” said Teedo Melts, Category Manager Fuel of Circle K, “which is why we are actively developing the charging network in order to encourage Estonia’s quicker transition to electric cars. All our customers have to be able to fill up their car in the service stations of Circle K, regardless of whether they have chosen a vehicle using liquid fuel, liquefied petroleum gas or electricity.”

The ultra-fast chargers suitable for all electric cars will be put up in the service station of Kristiine in Tallinn and Haljala in Lääne-Viru County. The former has a capacity of up to 150 kW and the latter up to 320 kW, so depending on the electric car, the amount of energy needed to drive 100 kilometres can be charged in a few minutes. Chargers with a capacity of 50 kW will be put up by the Peterburi road and the Tallinn ring road in Jüri, which will be replaced by ultra-fast chargers at a later stage.

According to Kert Pääbo, the Business Manager of Enefit Volt, the demand for fast and ultra-fast chargers suitable for all electric cars is constantly increasing and cooperation with Circle K allows them to provide users of electric cars a high-quality charging experience in stations they are already accustomed to using.

“An electric car charging network that is fast, convenient and always close is the key to the breakthrough of clean transport because it provides users a sense of security and confidence that a charger is always in driving range,” said Pääbo. “Depending on the car’s capacity, the ultra-fast chargers that will be set up by Enefit Volt and Circle K allow us to provide a charging experience which in terms of speed is similar to using a petrol or diesel car.”

Circle K has a total of 79 service stations all over Estonia and eight of them also have chargers for electric cars. Currently, Circle K has 350 kW electric car chargers in Häädemeeste and Märjamaa, 150 kWh chargers in Tallinn in Laagri, Õismäe and Järve, and 50 kWh chargers in Häädemeeste, by the Tartu and Narva highway in Jõhvi and in Aravete.

The public charging network of Enefit Volt has nearly 200 chargers in 13 counties. A fifth of them are CCS/CHAdeMO fast or ultra-fast chargers suitable for all electric cars. Find the closest charger on the website of Enefit Volt at or the charging app.