Enefit Volt opened Viljandi’s fourth fast charger for electric cars

Enefit Volt opened Viljandi’s fourth fast charger for electric cars

Enefit Volt opened the fourth fast charger in Viljandi, suitable for all electric cars, thus alleviating the high charging demand in the area.

Enefit Volt's latest CCS/CHAdeMO fast charger is located in the heart of Viljandi at Vabaduse plats 4, in the immediate vicinity of Viljandi Song Festival Grounds, Pärimusmuusika Ait, Jaani Congregation, manor park and the soon-to-be-renovated Viljandi Manor. The new charger replaces the recently dismantled ABB charger located at Viljandi Freedom Square. Including this, the Enefit Volt network has more than 180 public chargers covering the whole of Estonia.

The new Enefit Volt charger is a fast charger with charging power of up to 50 kW. The charger is equipped with both CCS and CHAdeMO charging pistols, and it can also charge a Tesla using the respective intermediate adapters.

In addition to the charger at Viljandi Manor, Enefit Volt fast chargers in Viljandi are located at Viljandi Hospital, the Olerex petrol station at Metsküla tee, and Rael Autokeskus.

Moreover, we opened a new fast charger in Kuressaare this week. The development of electric cars is accelerating, creating the need to constantly develop and improve the charging network.

Enefit Volt, the largest fast-charging network for electric cars in Estonia, currently includes more than 180 public chargers, to which both new charging stations and chargers will be added during the year. Almost 2,500 customers of Enefit Volt can charge their vehicles of European and Japanese charging standards as well as use the universal Type2 charging by means of the smart app or an RFID card.

In addition to the public charging network, Enefit Volt provides charging solutions for homes. The charger selection assistant on Enefit Volt's website www.enefitvolt.com helps you choose the right charging solution for your electric car.