Charging an electric car in a shopping centre makes perfect sense

When Enefit Volt started offering public charging services for electric cars at the beginning of 2020, the Arsenal Centre in Tallinn was one of the places where a new charging point with a fast charger and a semi-fast charger were installed. They were soon among the most popular chargers in the capital.

At the charging point of a modern shopping centre built on the territory of a former arms factory in North Tallinn, it is common to see more occupied chargers than chargers sitting idly. On the one hand, the centre is in a favourable location, while on the other hand, electric car traffic in this area is higher than average.

Kai Reinfeldt, marketing and community manager at the Arsenal Centre, pointed out that shopping centres have long ceased to just be places where people go and buy things, as they now provide all the necessary products and services in one place.

‘It is rare that a person visits a shopping centre only for a moment and they often combine going to the store with a hairdresser appointment, visiting the post office or using another service. Since charging an electric car takes a little while, it makes sense to create charging points near shopping centres where car owners can run errands in the meantime. Whether it is going to the grocery store, buying flip-flops for the summer, visiting a hairdresser or just enjoying a cup of coffee in a café,’ Reinfeldt explained.

While at the moment, the needs of the Arsenal Centre and customers of Enefit Volt are met by two CCS/CHAdeMO fast chargers with a capacity of 50 kW and a semi-fast charger with two adapters and a capacity of up to 22 kW, Arsenal may increase its number of chargers in the future.

‘The Arsenal Centre itself does not plan to develop chargers, but at some point it will definitely need to expand its charging options. At which time we could use Enefit Volt as our partner,’ Reinfeldt pointed out.

According to Reinfeldt, the creation and development of charging options for electric car users is important in supporting the breakthrough of clean transport, but it is only one part of the formula. The centre plans to expand the already existing bicycle parking lots and has also created a charging option for e-bike users, as there are a large of people using bicycles in the area. Customers have found the chargers for both two- and four-wheeled vehicles and put them into active use.

‘We have mapped out different ways to add green energy sources for our own consumption and are exploring ways to add solar panels to the roof of the centre. We have plenty of room for that,’ Reinfeldt said. ‘One of our largest tenants is Uuskasutus, which is truly the flagship of the Estonian recycling sector. It is great to see that recycling is revered among the visitors of our centre.’

Enefit Volt plans to significantly expand the public charging network in the coming years by involving both existing and future partners. If you would like Enefit Volt to invest in your commercial property, please contact us.