Electric car charger rental: affordable, flexible, always in working order

Electric car charger rental: affordable, flexible, always in working order

Buying an electric car is a big but sensible decision, which always involves the question of where to find a suitable charger. Thanks to Enefit Volt, the answer is simple: rent it! If you live in a private house, a terraced house or want to use one in your summer cottage, the rental service is an easy and clear choice for you due to its low costs.

The biggest saving in an electric car is the opportunity to charge at home by taking advantage of the low electricity prices at night. At first glance, choosing a charger may seem like an even more difficult task than finding a suitable car due to the large number of options. Enefit Volt decided to make customers' lives easier and provide more smart options instead of a wide range of chargers.

From dozens of charger models, we have chosen ones that work at any time, regardless of the car, the weather and technological innovations. Furthermore, our chargers allow you to constantly add new features without changing the charger itself. For your wallet, however, this does not mean a large one-off expense, but an affordable monthly fee in the form of a rental service. Why choose an electric car charger rental from Enefit Volt?

The charges are future-proof

The electric car chargers offered by Enefit Volt are smart devices, rather than wired boxes. This means constantly added possibilities for users to charge more conveniently and cheaply. You can start and schedule your charging via the smart app, i.e. plan it for those hours when the electricity price is the cheapest. When you get home, all you have to do is connect the charging cable to the car and use the app to choose the most suitable time for charging. When the time comes, charging starts automatically.

As the next step, we are developing a solution where the application chooses the most favourable time based on the stock exchange price, ensuring the required charge for the selected time. In a few years' time, your electric car can be used as a home storage device or used to generate additional income through a vehicle-to-grid solution. If you choose the Enefit Volt smart charging solution, you can be sure that your charger will not only be at least as good in 5 or 10 years as it is now, but will always keep up with updates due to the added functions.

The charger is always operational

Enefit Volt’s smart chargers are connected to our system via the Internet, constantly monitoring their condition. In the event of a fault in the charger, we will probably know about it before you do and be able to resolve the situation remotely. In addition, a contact phone feature is included in the charger, allowing you to quickly contact our technical support in case an error occurs during use. It is very likely that such a situation can be resolved without visiting you. In the event of a serious fault, our technician will drive to you and, if the charger cannot be fixed immediately, it will be replaced. No waiting, warranty or other unnecessary things. In addition, the price of the rental service includes the maintenance of the charger and spare parts, if necessary.

Charger rental is flexible

With the rental service, Enefit Volt gives you all the trump cards. If you wish to exchange your Standard package for Extra or vice versa, or terminate the contract altogether, you can do so at short notice. No long and binding contracts or additional termination costs.

Always maximum charging speed

Enefit Volt offers the Elinta HomeBox Slim charger with a charging capacity of up to 22kW to ensure that you can use the maximum charging speed. While the charging speed of a home charger depends on the car’s onboard charger, new models are always made more rather than less efficient. Therefore, we wish to ensure the future-proofness of the charger in this key as well. You can replace the car, but you do not need to upgrade the charger to get the most out of it.

The Standard or Extra Package for my home?

Either way, you get a future-proof smart charger for charging one car, allowing you to benefit from all existing and future features. The Standard Package is suitable for those who know that they almost always charge at home and the charger is close enough to their home WiFi network.

The Extra Package allows, as the name suggests, additional features. The charger is installed with a SIM card with a data connection, which means that a WiFi connection is not required, and the connection between the charger and the Enefit Volt system is always guaranteed.

Also, an additional module is installed in the electrical panel of your house, monitoring the electricity consumption of the house in real time and directing all free unused power to the charger, so that the car battery can be charged as quickly and safely as possible. The additional module eliminates the need for additional costs to increase the connection capacity, enabling safe charging when the home electricity network is otherwise loaded with a stove, sauna or other large consumer.

An RFID Card can also be used for charging with the Extra Package. If the charger is accessible to others, the card can be used to prevent someone else from using it. In the future, the RFID Card can help differentiate between private and business car charge by using the corresponding charging card.

We also give each customer of the Extra Package a monthly credit of EUR 5 in the Enefit Volt public charging network, equivalent to about 20kWh in a fast charger.

You can get acquainted with the content of the packages and frequently asked questions on our website where the Package Selection Assistant can also be found.