Enefit to install 32 new Enefit Volt electric car chargers in Rimi parking lots

Enefit Volt, the largest electric car charging network in Estonia, will be building 32 new public electric car charging stations in the coming year in cooperation with the well-known retail chain Rimi. The chargers will be installed at 16 Rimi grocery shops across Estonia, providing fast and ultra-fast charging for up to 64 electric vehicles.

Enefit Volt is rapidly expanding its public charging network for electric cars, working with location partners to install charging solutions on their property. This is one way to ensure better coverage of charging infrastructure and to provide charging in the locations that people visit most – be they office buildings, restaurants, cultural and sports establishments or grocery shops.

‘Both Enefit Volt and Rimi are guided by similar values, which are environmental sustainability and the desire to provide customers with high-quality and sustainable solutions. We will be pleased to offer our charging solutions to Rimi customers, who can save time by charging their car while going to the grocery shop,’ explains Kert Pääbo, Business Development Manager at Enefit Volt.

‘Time saving and convenience are very important aspects of our customers' shopping journey and any developments that help us deliver a complete and full shopping experience, beyond the actual shopping itself, are a step towards making our customers’ lives easier. One stop less on the way home means more time spent with family,’ commented Ekaterina Sirak, Head of Real Estate at Rimi.

According to Pääbo, a comprehensive charging infrastructure is crucial for the adoption of electric cars. ‘The more electric car users, the greater the demand for charging solutions. At Enefit Volt, our focus is not only on the size of the network, but also on strong coverage, enabling people to switch to electric cars without worry. Today, our network in Estonia includes nearly 200 chargers, with plenty more expected to be added in the coming years. In addition to Estonia, we are also developing charging networks in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland,’ said Pääbo.

The new chargers will be installed by the end of 2024, at Rimi locations in Haabersti, Vilde, Kalevipoja, Tööstuse, Männiku and Telliskivi in Tallinn, at Rebase Rimi in Tartu, and at Laagri, Tabasalu, Kärdla, Türi, Põltsamaa, Kohtla-Järve, Valga, Võru and Pärnu Rimi locations. Nearly a quarter of these, ie 10, will be superfast chargers.

Enefit Volt

Enefit Volt is Estonia’s largest electric car charging network, based 100% on green electricity. We are looking for partners whose business property we could invest in with our chargers and with whom we could create the best charging solutions for our clients. If you are interested, you can read more on our website, contact us info@enefitvolt.com, or call us +372 777 3030.


The shops of Rimi Eesti Food AS (www.rimi.ee) are part of the Swedish-capitalised Rimi Baltic AB, which is solely owned by ICA Gruppen AB. Rimi's strengths include a healthy range of products, high-quality fruit and a diverse assortment of self-produced products. In total, Rimi Baltic AB has 301 shops in the three Baltic states, including 94 hypermarkets (17 of them in Estonia), 89 supermarkets (24 of them in Estonia), 98 Rimi minis (39 of them in Estonia) and 20 Express Rimis (2 of them in Estonia). Rimi employs nearly 2,700 people in Estonia.