In cooperation between Enefit and Arco Vara, apartment owners received a personal charging solution for their electric car

The Rannakalda development of Arco Vara. Author: Sven Zacek

Charging a personal electric car close to apartment buildings is becoming the new normal. Since 2020, developers must provide the possibility to install a charging station for every parking spot when constructing apartment buildings. The cooperation between Arco Vara and Enefit is a good example of how a solution was found together.

Lack of charging facilities has often prevented apartment building residents from using electric cars. The pilot project completed in cooperation between the two companies is based on shared values and the recognition that the future consumer will expect an individual approach, flexibility and comfort even more.

A personal and future-proof solution

Arco Vara and Enefit provided the readiness to install an electric car charging station in every parking spot of the Rannakalda new development on the side of Stroomi beach. If the owner of a parking spot purchases an electric car for themselves and would like a charging service, they can rent or buy it from Enefit Volt.

‘In Rannakalda, there are personal charging facilities that the customer is paying for on the basis of their electricity demand. Shared charging stations in apartment buildings do not allow this. It is possible to cancel the service and return the device when moving from Rannakalda,’ explains Miko Niinemäe, CEO of Arco Vara.

Kert Pääbo, the Business Development Manager of Enefit Volt, notes that renting is based on one-time monthly payments that include both a charger as well as a standard installation. Pricing is the same for everyone, regardless of the parking spot.

First step towards the new normal

According to Niinemäe, homeowners in Rannakalda have given positive feedback to the pilot project so far and the interest in having an electric car charging possibility at their parking spot is growing. ‘As of now, we are planning a similar solution for the next developments, to meet customers’ needs regarding comfort and flexibility. The construction part of this solution is also reasonable, helping to save on the building’s connection fees,’ claims the head of the company.

Pääbo also observed that as awareness grows, other developers are becoming more and more interested in the solution. ‘We believe that in the case of large-scale electrification, it is the only right solution for apartment buildings,’ he adds.

Charging readiness can be installed both to newer and older residential buildings

Rannakalda is a new development, but a similar charging readiness can be and has been installed in older apartment buildings as well. However, it must be taken into account that this technical solution is on the more expensive side. This is due to the fact that in the case of outdoor parking lots, the reconstruction requires excavation work. In new developments, it can already be done during the construction process.

Another thing to consider with an apartment building is receiving approval from the apartment association. As with every new project, common consent of the association members is a prerequisite and because the number of apartment building residents interested in electric cars is small today, the construction of charging readiness may have to be discussed.

Cooperation was driven by a shared vision

Through developing a charging network, Enefit Volt aims to solve the main problem regarding the use of electric cars – people being afraid to switch to electric cars if the charging infrastructure is not sufficient.

‘The better the charging readiness solutions we install, the easier it is for apartment residents to switch to electric cars. The increased availability of chargers and the possibility to install a home charging point easily and conveniently help to influence the electric car purchase decision,’ Pääbo clarifies.

‘Arco Vara realised that through establishing charging readiness, it is possible to offer greater value to their customers and solve the charging of electric cars at an apartment building in a future-proof way. Since the vision and desire of the two companies were the same, cooperation seemed quite logical,’ he concludes.

Introduction to the companies

Enefit is a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, which from 1 January 2024 offers the current Eesti Energia energy products and services: electricity and gas, solar and storage solutions, Enefit Volt home and public electric car charging solutions, insurance, high-speed internet readiness, electrical work and heating solutions. As of 2024, all Eesti Energia customers are Enefit customers.

Enefit Volt is Estonia’s largest electric car charging network based 100% on green electricity, aiming to promote the transition to more environmentally friendly transport. In addition to public charging, Enefit Volt offers solutions for charging both at home and work and invests in creating future-proof charging solutions together with location partners.

Arco Vara is an international real estate group engaged in developments that add value to the living environment. The main activity of Arco Vara is the development of complete living environments and related commercial real estate. The main markets of Arco Vara are Estonia and Bulgaria. The parent company Arco Vara AS was established in 1992 in Estonia and it has been listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange since 2007.

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