Enefit opened several new chargers in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania this week and is offering charging discounts

Enefit Volt, Estonia's largest charging network for electric cars, received a significant boost this week, both at home and abroad. Two of Enefit Volt's most powerful 320kW chargers went into operation in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

"The transition to electric cars is the way of the future and Enefit wants to support and encourage people to take this step with its activities. Providing convenient and fast charging facilities is an important part of this process," explained Kert Pääbo, Business Manager at Enefit Volt.

"When choosing the location of the new chargers, we want to be as close as possible to the electric car users, on the trajectory of their daily activities, so that the car can be charged while they are running everyday errands. Summer is a time for travelling and holidays, so I am delighted that we can be there for electric car owners in every corner of Estonia and beyond," Pääbo added.

A number of new super fast chargers started operating in Estonia: Two 184kW chargers in Kristiine Circle K in Tallinn and a 160kW charger in the Liiva village in Muhumaa. Charging facilities have also been added in Viljandi at the Rael Car Centre and in Ülemiste Centre, where both indoor and outdoor parking lots have been equipped with chargers. In Ülemiste Centre, 20 electric cars can now be charged at a time.

In Latvia, in Riga's greenest office complex Verde, Enefit has opened 11 new Enefit Volt electric car charging points in cooperation with the complex developer, allowing up to 16 cars to be charged at the same time. The project will help to save more than 30 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year and the charging points will be accessible to all visitors and staff of the Verde complex via public charging network.

In the Klaipėda harbour area in Lithuania, Enefit has opened two of the most powerful charging stations in its charging network, with a total capacity of 320 kW, which can simultaneously charge four electric cars at super fast speed. A charging station with the same charging capacity will soon start operating in Vilnius, at the Outlet Park shopping centre. Lithuania's new super fast chargers can charge a car for an extra 100 km in less than 5 minutes.

Enefit is rapidly developing its charging network. On the Enefit Volt network, everyone charges their car with clean, 100% renewable energy.

With the addition of new chargers, Enefit Volt is offering a discount of up to 50% on new charging stations in Estonia until 7 July. In addition, Enefit Volt will draw a weekly prize of €50 charging credit between all users of the public charging network until the end of the summer.

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