In July, Enefit Volt customers drove one million emission-free kilometers on Estonian roads

Enefit Volt, Estonia's largest electric car charging network, was used to charge the amount of green electricity that would enable more than 1 million emissions-free kilometers to be traveled in July.

Viljar Kont, product manager of Enefit Volt, considers this a significant sign, because on the one hand, significant emission savings were achieved in just one month, but at the same time, this fact shows the confidence of electric car users to undertake longer holiday trips with an electric vehicle.

„The share of electric cars in Estonia is still less than 1 percent, but the usage statistics of both the Enefit Volt public network and smart home chargers show that the interest towards electric cars and the number of kilometers traveled with them is constantly growing," said Kont. "Just with the green electricity charged from the Enefit Volt network, emissions of more than 130 tons of CO2 were avoided in July.“

The use of Enefit Volt public chargers has been on the rise this year in a monthly comparison with last year. During the summer months, the number of registered users of the Enefit Volt charging network has also increased faster than before, with many foreigners among the new customers.

„Driving range is no longer an issue with electric cars these days. First of all, a fully charged battery allows you to travel several hundred kilometers at once, and secondly, there are charging options available around," added Kont. "An electric car is a very good means of transport for traveling due to its quietness and driving comfort. There are 190 public chargers in the Enefit Volt charging network alone, which both our local and foreign customers have used more actively this summer than before. When traveling by car, you can be sure that a charger is nearby when you stop every 50, 100 or 200 kilometers. Among our customers, there are more and more people who are not afraid to take a trip to Europe with an electric car.“

Enefit Volt's public charging network has a total of 190 chargers in 13 counties. A fifth of them are CCS/CHAdeMO fast or ultra-fast chargers suitable for all electric cars. You can find the nearest charger on the Enefit Volt website or in the charging app. All Enefit Volt public chargers use 100% green electricity.