Enefit Volt public charging network

Charge carefree and in a green way with Enefit Volt public chargers across the Baltics and Poland.


Price depends on the maximum capacity of the charger.

The final charging speed depends on the car, and also on whether another electric car is charging at the same time.


0.29 €/kWh

Time tariff

After 180 minutes

0.05 €/min


0.35 €/kWh

Time tariff

After 60 minutes

0.1 €/min


0.45 €/kWh

Time tariff

After 60 minutes

0.2 €/min


Chargers on the public charging network, set up in cooperation with partners.

The price and parking conditions may differ from Enefit Volt's standard prices.

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For registered users, all charging history is available through the Enefit Volt app. When paying by bank card, you can search for a charging history invoice below.

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General terms and conditions of the charging service

By using the Enefit Volt public chargers, you agree to the general terms and conditions of the charging service.