Charging solutions for businesses and apartment buildings

Electric car charging solutions for real estate developers, owners of large car fleets, and apartment associations.

We will develop the solution that best suits your needs.

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Commercial premises

Electric car charging at your business is not a luxury for the chosen ones, but will soon be as basic as greeting a guest with a warm smile.

An electric car charging solution that meets your business needs and opportunities will help provide both your loyal and new customers with environmentally friendly added value and give them an additional reason to visit your business.

You will not have to send your customers to the nearest charger, but you can offer them this possibility yourself!

Real estate developer

Offering solutions that promote environmentally friendly transport is a new reality that every real estate developer must take into account. For several years now, tenants have been asking for this, and the legal requirements governing the charging infrastructure for electric cars will come in 2021.

We will develop the most optimal electric car charging solution for all types of real estate developments and its tenants, which, in addition to meeting today's needs, is future-proof.

Create a competitive advantage for your business and tenants by offering an environmentally friendly way to go to work. Studies show that potential home buyers with an electric car consider the installation of charging stations to be one of the most important factors!

Full-service solutions that meet the needs of business customers can be expected from us in the spring/summer of 2021.

Car fleet

An electric car is a sensible choice already today for vehicles with an annual mileage of tens of thousands. Enefit Volt will help you make a decision towards a sensible one faster by offering a tailor-made charging solution based on your company's needs and car fleet.

If your cars cover more than 30,000 kilometers a year, your vehicles will not only burn fossil fuels, but money that could be used to create added value elsewhere.

The road to our future-proof charging solution is easy:

  • We find out your expectations and needs;
  • We develop an optimized solution that includes suitable chargers, a platform for charging management, and user applications;
  • We install the chargers, maintain, optimize and, if necessary, scale the entire charging system.

Apartment building

Owning an electric car is not only the privilege of private house owners, but the residents of smaller and larger apartment buildings also want to purchase environmentally friendly means of transport.

The road to a suitable Enefit Volt solution for an apartment building is easy:

  • We map the specific needs of the apartment building;
  • We develop a complete solution that includes suitable electric car chargers as well as a management platform for managing the chargers and user payments;
  • We maintain the chargers and make suggestions for improving the service according to consumption.

Full-service solutions that meet the needs of apartment buildings can be expected from us in the spring/summer of 2021.

Provide us with your contact details so that we can offer the best solution for you!

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